Project Tag: informal headshots

environmental headshot


Whether for professional or personal use, environmental headshots are the perfect way to show off your own or your brand’s personality.

Environmental portraits have two benefits: firstly, you know your environment and will be more comfortable right off the bat.

Secondly, the environment tells a story, giving it an editorial feel, which helps tell the story of the person in it, and it helps tell the story of the brand or industry in which this person operates.

Environmental headshots can be creative or more formal for a corporate headshot. The options are limitless.

Natural and ambient light can be complemented with artificial light sources and flash, and our mobile studio setup is perfect for this.

creative headshots


Creative headshots can be an asset for creatives like photographers, filmmakers, designers or artists, but is also a great way for actors and models to keep their portfolio up to date.

With a creative headshot session, a mix of a corporate style and more informal style of portrait can be achieved, if preferred.

With this type of creative portrait shoot, your options are endless and the sky is the limit. A simple one-light studio setup, or something more complex; a natural light portrait or an environmental shoot, either inside, outside or both, are all options one can consider when thinking about the style of portrait when the function of it is considered.

Petra’s creative headshots were done using a mobile studio setup and a mix of natural light and flash.

Professional make-up is another extremely important factor when considering creative headshots. Professional make-up artists know how to bring out your best features and it is highly recommended to make use of them for this occasion.