Creative Headshots – Philtins

watchmaker-creative headshot Creative Headshots

Creative Headshots – Philtins

Creative headshots are a brilliant way to not only show off the personality of your company or brand, but also to memorialise the legends that built the company. In a sense, they can serve as a way to document the life and work of someone, apart from ticking all the other boxes for this style of portrait.

A watchmaker is not a common sight nowadays, and since most watches these days are factory-made, the art of watchmaking is fast becoming a thing of the past.

This family business is a generational icon, and creating environmental portraits for them was a great honour.

Neels, the owner-founder watchmaker, has since passed away, and in his footsteps followed his son and daughter-in-law.

These creative headshots were a way to celebrate his legacy.