Antoinette Pienaar for Penguin Random House


Antoinette Pienaar for Penguin Random House

Such a great honour to have been involved in this project!

Penguin Random House approached us to shoot the cover for Antoinette Pienaar’s new book, Lang Man Sonder Skaduwee. It was fantastic to be back on the farm Theefontein after some years had passed, and it felt like coming home. There is a certain magic to that place, to these two people. The mountains were still there, the peace and tranquility of the Karoo.

The day of the shoot was immensely cold and windy, so we had to find a sheltered spot, while sticking to the brief.

We found a “kloof” or gulley, between two mountains, sheltered from the icy gale, with the morning sun illuminating the haze caused by the wind in the background. It was magical, and we couldn’t have planned it better if we had a say in the weather. We were elated, and so the cover was born.

The publishing company also licensed some of my past photographs for this book – some of which are included in the images below.