A headshot displays professionalism, personality, and your brand, if applicable. Research shows that it takes 100 milliseconds to make a decision about someone, so it is no cliché that first impressions are extremely important. There's no better way to gain a potential client's trust or to boost your reputation, than by having a good quality, professional headshot.

Clean headshots not only show your professionalism, but also show the potential client who they're choosing over the competition. It also reinforces your values, or that of your company.

If you're a creative looking for professional headshots, this is your time to stand out from the crowd. Professional headshots do not always have to be clean and corporate - they can represent your personality or your industry in a fun, colourful and creative way.

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watchmaker's assistant-creative headshot

Environmental Headshots

Environmental headshots or environmental portraits are a great way to show off your personality, or the personality of your organisation. Perfect for authors, craftspersons, artists, and businesses, to name but a few. Let's get together to make some memorable images to show off your vibe.

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