Hello and welcome to Indigo Studio, where we believe in quality and professionalism on every level of service.

We’re Gita and Shanellé. Collectively, we have nearly two decades experience in commercial, editorial and retail photo and film, and have dedicated many years to perfecting our craft, refining our skills, and applying these to offer our clients the highest quality product. Photography is one of our greatest passions. We not only strive to deliver the highest quality product and service, but to connect with our clients on a human level, in order for us to provide you with a personal and customised experience.

We view your trust in us to deliver on your vision as the greatest honour, and our promise is to always treat it as such.

We are based between Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, and enjoy every opportunity to travel, to known and unknown places. Get in touch and let’s put our heads together to help you achieve your vision.

Gita Claassen

Working as a professional photographer since 2008 with her camera basically an extension of her arm, Gita has a special affinity for projects that take her outside and require the use of her feng shui skills.

Self-taught, and with a mad passion for creating, she proceeded to also complete a course in travel photography with MatadorU.

She has had her work published all over the world, and have worked with some incredible brands and organisations she is proud to be associated with.

She loves to meet inspiring people who work to make the world a better place every day.

Shanelle Bothma

Professionally shooting since 2014, Shanelle established herself as a sought-after wedding and portrait photographer in Cape Town before joining Indigo Studio.

She has a special ability to put people at ease and capture the best of them, and have brought this superpower to the team.

Her talent as a film-maker and videographer is proving an invaluable asset to our clients, and she is just an all-round great person to be around.

You can usually find her sniffing out the coffee, or engaged in mind-altering conversation.